Beatrice Eveline Timothy, the fifth child and third daughter of Peter Vincent Timothy and Elizabeth Hutchings was born on the 17th December 1865 at Market Street, Caddington, ( Markyate Street, a village in the Parish of Caddington) She was the second child to be born there. She married Sidney Hall Colman, being his second wife, on the 4th July 1894 at St Stephens Church, in the Parish Church of Hulme in Manchester, he was aged 40 and a widower and she was aged 28, a spinster.

His occupation was given as a Poor Law Official, none was given for her. The residence, for both, was 50 Crown Street, Manchester, probally quite nearby to the Church, as there is a Crown Street, Hulme shown on the Street Guide even after the building of the Mancunian Way. The witnesses were Gustave V Timothy and Walter William Murrell Talbot. Father's names respectively were John Colman (deceased) Sea-Captain and Peter Vincent Timothy, Doctor of Medicine.

They lived at 37 Broomfield Street, Cheetham Hill at the time of the birth of their first child, Mabel Irene, in early 1899. At the time of the birth of Olive Constance, in 1906, they lived at Farm Lodge, Manchester Workhouse, Crumpsall and at the time of Mabel Irene's marriage to Reginald Vivian Martin on 3rd September 1927 it is presumed that they lived at the same address as that given for Mabel Irene's father, Sidney Hall Colman, at 11 Roda Street, Moston, Manchester, the house was still there in 1996. She was a Nurse and said to be a Matron, possibly at Crumpsall Hospital, previously the Manchester Workhouse.


A visiting card has been found, Mrs S Colman, Certificated Nurse and Masseuse, date unknown. An photograph of her and husband Sidney shows her tall and straight like her sister Mabel Constance but in later life she had a badly deformed back said to have been caused by lifting patients in hospital.

After his death she lived with Olive Constance at Higher Crumpsall and later at Carrs Edge, 1 Broad Walk, Wilmslow, the home of her daughter and she died there on the 14th January 1956, aged 91, but her burial details are currently unknown, possibly Cheetham or Crumpsall, Manchester. Rodney Dunn has a christening mug with the initials either BET or EBT which may be hers rather than Eustace Bertram Timothy's . I have a silver biscuit barrel which appears to have similar initials engraved on it.

Birth Registration details : - Ref No. 198 dated 9th January 1866 in the Luton district of Beds. and Herts. by her father. There were six children, Victor Sidney, Mabel Irene, Olive Constance, Frank Vincent, Vivian Hall and Nina Grace.

The photo is of Nina Grace, Olive Constance, Mabel Irene and Frank Colman

SIDNEY HALL COLMAN, Husband of Beatrice Eveline Timothy. born 27th May 1853 in Taunton and died 25th May 1928 at 11 Roda Street, moston, Manchester.

All that is currently known about Beatrice Evelines's husband Sidney Hall Colman is that he worked at the Manchester Workhouse, Crumpsall. Rodney Dunn recalls: "He was said to have been the Workhouse Master, though various birth certificates state Poor Law Official or Clerk, he was a very aggressive and bully of a man, substantiated by Mr Frederick Dunn, and used to beat the inmates, apparently there was a metal fence between the husbands and the wives and of course they were divided, males on one side and the women on the other hand, if they came together to speak to each other or hold hands he would beat them.

Apparently he used to beat the children of the family, that was Frank, Maisie (Mabel Irene) and my Mother (Olive Constance) he was also violent towards his wife, Beatrice Eveline, but according to my mother she (Olive) turned round on him once and took a shoe and beat him back and he ended up screaming in a corner and our grandmother pulled Olive off him, at least that was the story. He never did it again. He was a very nasty piece of work.

Referring to his father, John Colman, I was told by my mother that they actually owned a shipping line, whether this is true or not I do not know, this was said to be at Bristol, Sidney Colman had some brothers, three or four, and they went to America, by their shipping line, they turned to the (withheld) religion and came back and requested that Maisie and Olive be concubines in the (withheld) manner apparently Sidney threw them out and when the shipping line was later divided up and Sidney got nothing and the shipping line went to the (withheld) Church. He was supposed to have had a crooked arm, as he had been forced to work on board ship for seven years, before the mast, by his father, and he had given the Bosun or Chief Mate some cheek and the man had just picked up a belaying pin and broken his arm.

There was a big dog called Lion at the Lodge and a parrot. It is said that it was taught to swear by the inmates as they hated Sidney, but apparently the family were not too aware that it had been taught to swear and they had tea parties when the Vicar would come and on one occasion it was put out on the lawn for some air and it gave the Vicar a real line of abuse, so the parrot went or was banished.

On the subject of Nina, Mother seemed to like Nina and there was this locket I told you about with hair in it, I have searched for it but it has vanished. I recall that my mother, Olive mentioned that a young female in the family had died." Currently nothing is known of the first wife of Sidney Hall Colman, nor when his death took place, nor where either are buried.

Sidney Hall Colman - He was born on 27 May1853 and the birth registered on 2nd July at Taunton, Somerset by his mother Mary Colman, formerly Hall, his father, John Colman, was recorded as Captain in the Merchant Service - the St Catherine House Indexes ref. Vol. 5c Page 393 September Qtr 1853

JOHN (WOTTEN) COLMAN The father of Sidney Hall Colman, he was a Captain in the Merchant Service & that his death was sometime prior to the marriage of Sidney Hall Colman and Beatrice Evelyn Timothy on 4th July 1984 in Manchester. He had died 1873 in Bristol.

His marriage certificate appears to record him as Coleman

1841 census not found on it.

1851 census not found on it.

1861 census at Bedminster

John W Colman, Master Mariner, aged 55, Ipplepen, Devon, Mary, aged 40, (spelt Mars on census transcription), born Crewkerne, Somerset, Sidney H, aged 7, born Taunton,Scholar, Walter Y, aged 6, born Bristol, Scholar.

1871 census at Swansea - 6 Trafalgar Terrace, lower

Capt John Colman, Master Mariner, aged 65, born Ipplepen, Devon, Mary, aged 50, wife, born Crewkerne, Somerset, Sidney, aged 17, Accountant, born Taunton, Walter, aged 16, Druggist's Apprentice, born Bristol, Mary, aged 6, Scholar, born Bristol.

From Lloyd's Register of Shipping. about 1856

Jessie, Barque, Master J Colman, 444 tons, Swansea, sailed Swansea Cape Verde Islands? AE 1 rated highest - quite a large ship at 444 tons.

I have his (or one) of his telescopes.

John's wife, Mary Colman aged 84, buried Dec 19th 1905 in Wesleyan Cemetery, Cheetham Hill, Manchester in the same grave as Sidney. His father John, a Master Mariner, born 1806 died 1873 in Bristol.

1881Census at Bristol, St Paul

Mary, aged 60, no occupation, Head, widower, born Somerset, Mary, daughter, aged 16, no occupation, born Bristol, and a border.

John, her husband, died 1873.

1901 census

Mary Colman - Cheetham, Manchester 12 Queen St with daughter Mary now wife of Walter W Murrell-Talbot aged 42 a Clerk, born Norfolk Hantbois, Mary aged 36, born Bristol, Somerset, Annie L dau., aged 15 Assistant in tea warehouse, born London., Mary E , aged 7, born Lancs., Manchester, Edwin R , Son, aged 5, born Manchester and Mary Colman, aged 80, mother-in-law, born Crewkerne, Somerset.

Sidney Hall Colman and family was at no 16 Queen St

Mary Colman 85 years of 4 Clune Street, Waterloo Road buried 20th December 1905 (there was an inquest into her death), died on 16th Dec1905, following a fall, "through senile decay accelerated due to an accidental fall in the bedroom at 4 Clune Stree, Waterloo Road on the 4th Dec 1905. there was an inquest held on 20th Dec and the death recorded by Sidney Colman on 21st Dec 1905.

Referring to Sidney Hall Colman.

His brother, Walter Y, born 1855, Bristol, Somerset

His sister, Mary, born 1864, Bristol, Somerset, married Walter W Murrell Talbot in 1893 at Manchester, Hulme, St. Stephen with three children Annie L, born 1886, London, Mary E, born 1894, Manchester & Edwin R, born 1896, Manchester.

His marriage to his first wife has now been found, Alice Perry married her on 2 August 1880 at Stretford, Manchester - she died aged 30 on 11 May 1893 at Crumpsall, Manchester but nothing else has been found of her, though there is an Alice Colman (see below),  quite some way from the Crumpsall Workhouse where Sidney was recorded as being at on the same census and married.

He was first married in 1880 in the Parish Church at (Stretford) Barton, Manchester 3rd qtr to Alice Perry on the 2nd August 1880, the residence of both being given as "this parish" on the certificate, he was aged 28, a bachelor, Superintendant Crumpsall Workhouse and father John Colmam, deceased. Alice was aged 22, Spinster, no occupation, father Edward Perry, deceased.

Alice Colman nee' Perry

1881 Census at 34 Castle St., Castle Church, Stafford, aged 22, married, formerly Nurse, born Stafford with her mother, Eliza, Head, aged 52, widow, born Ellenhall, Stafford. Also sons, Alfred, aged 17, iron and brass founder, Albert E Perry, aged 17, iron & brass founder and Thomas Bates, Nephew, born Oswestry, aged 11, Engine cleaner, born Oswestry and a boarder Richard Allchin, also an engine cleaner.

1861 Census

COLMAN, John W Head Married M 55 1806 Master Mariner
COLMAN, Mary Wife Married F 40 1821
COLMAN, Sidney H Son M 7 1854 Scholar
COLMAN, Walter J Son M 6 1855 Scholar
City & County of Bristol

1891 Census

COLMAN, Sydney H Head Married M 37 1854 Official In Ware House (Workhouse) b.Taunton, Somersetshire
COLMAN, Alice Wife Married F 30 1861 b. Stafford, Staffordshire
COLMAN, Florence M Daughter F 9 1882 b. Manchester, Lancashire
COLMAN, Bertha A Daughter F 7 1884 b. Manchester, Lancashire
COLMAN, Edgar W Son M 4 1887 b. Manchester, Lancashire
COLMAN, ? A Son M 1 1890 b. Manchester, Lancashire

1901 census at 16 Queen St, North Manchester, (Cheetham Hill?), aged 47, Workhouse Official, with wife BEC, aged 32, born London, Middx & son George A, aged 12, born Manchester & son, Victor S, aged 5, born Manchester & Mabel  , aged 2, born Manchester & Nina G, aged 2 months, born Manchester.

1911 Census









District Prestwich Subdistrict Cheetham

Enumeration District 31 Parish North Manchester


Alice Colman was buried on 16/05/1893 Grave 1169 Manchester General Cemetery, Harpurhey. This was a public grave with 16 burials in it but no trace of it can now be found. Address given as 23 Slack Lane, Crumpsall - her age as 30

The Manchester Evening newspaper was searched this time for the death of Sidney Hall Colman who died 25th May 1928 -

In issue Monday 28th May we read -
Colman - On May 25th at his residence of 11 Roda Street Moston Sidney Hall the Superintendent of Crumpsall Institution the beloved husband of Beatrice Colman , interment Cheetham Hill Cemetery 11am Tuesday. Friends please accept this the only intimation.

Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Cemetery
Sidney H Colman of 11 Roda Street Moston aged 74 years cause of death senile decay buried 28th May 1928
Grave number 62 NG Sidney was the owner of the grave.

Also buried with him were -:
Victor Sidney Colman 8 years old cause of death apeutecitis (copied as exactly as spelt) of 10 Hall Road Crumpsall buried 15th September 1903 and Mary Colman aged 84, buried Dec 19th 1905, the owner of grave was Sidney H Colman

CHILDREN of marriage to Alice Perry

FLORENCE MARY born 14 Mar 1882 at 10 Granville Road, Crumpsall, Manchester

BERTHA AGNES born 14 Feb 1884 at Crumpsall, died 13 November 1956 at Higher Crumpsall, She was a Superintendant at a Mental hospital.

EDGAR WALTER born 15 May 1886 died 21 May 1954 in Blackley, Manchester said to have married Elizabeth EVANS
See grave details below

GEORGE ALBERT born 24 October 1889 at Cheetham, Manchester.

HORATIO SIDNEY born 5 August 1888 at 45 Bank St., Broughton, Salford.

1901 census at 16 Queen St, North Manchester, (Cheetham Hill?), aged 47, Workhouse Official, with wife BEC, aged 32, born London, Middx & son George Albert , aged 12, born Manchester & son, Victor Sidney , aged 5, born Manchester & Mabel I, aged 2, born Manchester & Nina G, aged 2 months, born Manchester. George is son from SHC's first marriage to Alice Perry in 1880.

ALSO on 1901 census but at 337 Gt Cheetham St East is recorded Bertha A Colman, aged 17, General Domestic Servant, She was the first child of marriage to Alice Perry, born 14 Feb 1884 and died 13Nov 1956 at Higher Crumpsall, Manchester. She was unmarried.

VICTOR SIDNEY COLMAN Born 5 Oct 1895 died 1903 - Victor Sidney Colman 8 years old cause of death apeutecitis (copied as exactly as spelt) of 10 Hall Road Crumpsall buried 15th September 1903 and Mary Colman aged 84, buried Dec 19th 1905, both buried in Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Cemetery along with Sidney Hall Colman.

MABEL IRENE COLMAN (1899 - 1996) second child

See details under Reginald Vivian Martin in MARTIN SECTION.

NINA GRACE COLMAN (1901 - 1963)

The third child of Sidney Hall Colman and Beatrice Eveline Timothy was born on the 4th February 1901 at 16 Queen Street, Cheetham, North Manchester. The birth was registered on the 1st March 1901 in the Cheetham Sub-district of Prestwich, County of Manchester. It is said that she died quite young, though there is a family photograph showing her aged 5, taken in 1906. Nothing has been found yet (see below) on her death or burial, although Mabel Irene Colman always said that there was a family grave in the Cheetham Hill/Crumpsall area of Manchester. See above re Victor Sidney - information found Jan 2009. Was she buried in the same grave - unlikely I think.

Winwick Mental Hospital circa 1920's

 Nina Grace Colman died at Winwick on 24 February 1963, age given as 61. It is noted that she spent 140,002 days in hospital. According to the patient register her initial admittance appears to have been on 14 November 1924 aged 23, she is recorded as living at 92 Astley Lane, Moston transferred from the Crumpsall Institution and chargeable to Manchester, she was single and a mental nurse. Her entry in the Register of Female Patients confirms her first admission aged 23 on 14 Nov 1924 suffering from mania.

She died on 24th Feb. 1963 at Winwick Hospital, near Warrington, where it was shown on her death certificate as she was a Student Nurse - it is not yet known if she was buried or cremated - the death was registered by her brother V H Colman.


Olive Constance, the fifth child of Sidney Hall Colman and Beatrice Evelyn Timothy was born on the 18 January 1906 at Farm Lodge, Manchester Workhouse, Crumpsall where her father was a Poor Law Clerk according to the birth certificate, although the certificate for Mabel Irene, the eldest child shows him as a Poor Law Official.

The registration details are Book 121, Page 74, Entry No. 366, registered on 22 February 1906 in the Cheetham District of Manchester. She lived at one stage at Higher Crumpsall with her mother, Beatrice Eveline Colman probally after the death of her father. She trained as a Nurse and Midwife and obtained her SRN title.

Ian Roderick Dunn, was the only child, born on 24 March 1948, he married Eileen Ann Appleton, and their son, Michael James Dunn was born on 10 January 1978 She died on the 3rd of October 1996 in Oldham.

FRANK VINCENT COLMAN (1903 - 15 March 1988) Born 13 March 1903 at Crumpsall
He married Marguerite Massey on 1st August  1933 at St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Crumpsall Cresent, Manchester.  She was born 24th December 1909 at 34 Symonds St, Broughton, Salford, the daughter of Jean Baptiste & Mary (nee Mullholland) Massey. - she died 10th June 1977 in Wythenshaew Hospital.

According to Manchester Cemetery records he was buried on 21/03/1988 at Blackley Cemetery Grave 738, the same grave as Marguerite and Edgar.

The grave stone reads:
In loving memory of
Edgar Colman
died 21st May 1954
aged 68 years
also Marguerite Colman
died 10th June 1977
aged 67 years
'Rest in Peace my sweetheart
also Frank Colman
died 15th March 1988
aged 84 years
Sadly Missed


Vivian Hall, the youngest child of Sidney Hall Colman and Beatrice Evelyn Colman was born in1910 in Manchester, at the Farm Lodge, Manchester Workhouse. He was always known as "Bud". He served in the Second World War, going to France with the BEF, was evacuated from Dunkirk and served later in Palestine, and was a Sergeant in the Signal Corps. He worked for the North West Electricity Board in Manchester. He had a very nice BSA motor cycle quite late on in his life.


After his first wife, Alice, died after a long illness he later married Dot. They were keen collectors of pottery, especially Royal Worcester and Dot had a large collection of antique hat pins, which on his death went to Valerie in America. They also had pet rabbits. He had two daughters by his first wife, Valerie, who lives in America and Vanda, now dead.

He lived for all the time that I knew him in the Benchill / Wythenshawe area of Manchester. There were no children of the second marriage, although Dot had a grown up daughter. He died Sept/Oct 1994 in Manchester. Valerie (Weight) lives with her husband Clarence in America and Vanda, who died a few years ago left three children, Amanda, Ava & Adele.

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