EUSTACE BERTRAM TIMOTHY (1861 - 1892) & AGNES JELLEY (Abt 1860 - ??)

Eustace Bertram was the third child and second son of Peter Vincent Timothy and Elizabeth Hutchings and was the only child to be born in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Nothing much more is known, but he was a Naval Architect, and also said to be the Vice Commodore of Englands leading Yacht Club. He married Agnes Jelley on the 14th February 1884 at St Alphage (St Mary's) Greenwich, Kent when he was 22 and Agnes was 24. There were three children. Vivian Bertram, Aubrey Cyril and Nina.  1881 census shows him to be in lodgings in Barrow in Furness (then Lancs. now Cumbria) ** 65 Mount Pleasant, Barrow in Furness, Lancs., England he is recorded as aged 19, a Lodger and Apprentice to Naval Architect (there is A Naval Architect listed at the same address - Neil C F Jochumson aged 30 and born in Denmark so he may have been an apprentice to him)

1891 Census shows him to be at 64 High Street, Wivenhoe, Nr Harwich, Essex
TIMOTHY, Eustace B, Head, Married, M, 29, 1862, Naval Architect born Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire
TIMOTHY, Agnes, Wife, Married, F, 31, 1860, born Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire
TIMOTHY, Vivian B, Son, M, 4, 1887, born Greenwich, Kent
TIMOTHY, Aubrey C, Son, M, 1, 1890, born Wivenhoe, Essex
TIMOTHY, Mabel C, Sister, F, 17, 1874, born Lewisham, Kent
HARDY, Kezia, Servant, F, 19, 1872 General Servant, born Mersea, Essex

 Their daughter Nina Irene Grace was not recorded in the Census so was born some time after this.

He died intestate on the 20 May 1892 at 5 Derwent Terrace, Upper Chorlton Road, Stretford, Manchester, the address given also by the informant, his father Dr. Peter Vincent Timothy, who may have been staying there as the Medical Directories list him as being in Wigan in 1992, but the doctor who was in attendance was F. Hervey Jones M.D.

He was buried in the same grave in the Southern Cemetery, as his mother Elizabeth Timothy, on 24 May 11892, his residence given as Upper Chorlton Road, Stretford, aged 30, Architect, married.
Southern Cemetery
Burial Number: 16843, Section C, Grave 300, C of E burial ground.
The MI reads:
WHO DIED MAY 22nd 1892 AGED 30
WHO DIED JULY 21st 1904
WHO DIED SEPT 21st 1893

His personal estate was granted to Agnes, his widow, and was valued at 90 and was recorded on the 23rd June 1892. (for detail see file) For details of first or third children, see Laurel Merritt's letter dated 8/6/1996 which refers to: "... leaving a young widow with three children......" Agnes left for Australia with the children in about 1892/3 and may have re-married, probably in Australia.

She is thought to have travelled on the ORATAVA or ORIZABA but no record has been traced. Two children were born to a Agnes Timothy, Abert H G Timothy, born 1900 at Leichharat, NSW and Agnes R M Timothy, born 1901 also at Leichhharat, but there is no certainty that this is the right Agnes Timothy though I am told that there was no father named.


First son of Eustace Bertram Timothy and Agnes Jelley. Nothing further known, but emigrated to Australia with his mother, brother, sister in the1890's after his fathers death in 1892. It is said that he died comparatively young.


Aubrey Cyril, the second child and second son of Eustace Bertram Timothy and Agnes Jelley. was born on the 20 May1889 at Wivenhoe and the birth was registered on the 24 July by his father in the Lexden and Winstree registration district of Wivenhoe, Essex. He emigrated to Australia with his mother, brother, sister in the 1890's after his fathers death in 1892. He died on the 3 September 1961 in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

After the death of his father at the age of 31 years, it is possible that his mother remarried to a man named Muller or Mueller, (see under AGNES JELLEY above) but this most likely was in Australia as Agnes and the three children emigrated to Australia, probably in the mid 1990's, most likely settling in N.S.W. In his teens, Aubrey left home and went to sea in the Merchant Navy. It seems that he did not get on too well with his stepfather.

He left the Navy and was selling religious literature when he met his wife to be, Elizabeth Myrtle Guy. She was not yet 18 years old when they married, 21 May 1918, and there were four children, Isobel Grace, Vivien Joyce, Lyndsey Walter and Laurel Edith. Aubrey tried a number of occupations during his lifetime, opal mining, sales, seaman, literature evangelist, etc. but his love was always for mining and polishing opals. The marriage broke up in 1929, some months before the birth of his fourth and last child, but the couple never divorced.

Aubrey retired at Terrigal, NSW, where he built a small cottage that was to be his home until his lonely death in September 1961. His birth was registered on the 24 July 1889 by his father in the Lexden and Winstree registration district of Wivenhoe, Essex

The third child and only daughter of Eustace Bertram Timothy and Agnes Jelly, she would have been born, between the date of the 1891 census and the death of her father in 1892 and she emigrated to Australia with her mother and two brothers some time after 1892 after her fathers death.
Her birth registered O/N/D Qtr 1891 at Lexden, Essex ref 4a 591

It is thought that she died unmarried in in 1937 at Newtown, Nr Sydney, NSW.


First child and daughter of Aubrey Cyril Timothy and Elizabeth Myrtle Guy, born on the 23 February 1920 at Italian Gully, Australia.. Isobel divorced Charles and changed her name by deed poll to Laughlin, a family name on the maternal side and her son also took this name. she trained as a nursing aide, a profession at which she earned her living for many years. Her second marriage, to Peter Paul Passek, also ended in divorce, and she again reverted to the surname Laughlin.


Second child and daughter of Aubrey Cyril Timothy and Elizabeth Myrtle Guy, born on 2 April 1922 at Smythedale, Australia. Vivien, known as Joyce or Joy, began her teaching career at seventeen years of age. She had early proved her bright mind by being Dux of the 6th grade at Dana Street Primary School, and was Dux of the Teacher's College in the year she there, sometime after she had commenced teaching at Redan Primary School.

She spent a number of years teaching at little country schools, and then married and settled down to motherhood. Twenty years later she resumed her teaching career, going back to Teachers College for another year to obtain her Special Teachers Certificate, which enabled her to further her work in teaching children with learning problems, an area in which she was especially gifted. She was a talented artist and poet, an avid gardener and a warm and loving person.

She married Raymond Robert Adams, born 15 August 1929, on 11 November 1949 at Ballarat, Australia and there are 5 children (see below), Lawrence John, born 28 September 1943, Jennifer Elizabeth, born 31 December 1950, Richard Dean, born 28 July 1958, Linda Margaret, born 29 January 1961 and Lance Stewart, born 5 August 1962. Vivien Joyce died on 2 October 1993 at Ballarat, and was buried in Crewick,Victoria.


When Ray Adams, Lawrie's father, divorced Lawrie's mother, he took his small son, aged about three years to live with him. After meeting and marrying Joyce Timothy, Lawrie lived with and was brought up by his father and stepmother, gaining two sisters and brothers in the ensuing years. Lawrence and Terrie married on 23 November 1968 at Wesley Church, Ballarat.

His marriage to Terrie ended in divorce, and he now lives in Queensland, with Joan his partner of many years. There are are two children, Shane Christopher, born 29 May 1972 and Craig Dean, born 10 September 1973. Terrie Marree James was born on 9 March 1949 at Ballarat.


Jennifer married Martin James Forbes, born 13 April 1945 at Leicester, England, on 11 June 1971 at the Church of England, Essendon, Australia. Jennifer and Martin are divorced, both have since remarried. There were three children, Kelly Joy, born 4 December 1971, Linda Marree born 21 May 1973 and Daniel James, born 29 April 1979. They later divorced and she married Gregory Philippiades on 31 December 1993 at the Salvation Army Citadel, Delacombe, Australia.


Richard married Barbara Louise Lenthall, born 10 February 1953 at Ballarat, on 25 September 1970 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ballarat. There was one daughter, Stephanie Louise, born 4 April 1971. The marriage ended in divorce and he later married Susan Steel, born 28 July 1958 at Bendigo, Australia, on 3 February 1979 at St Mary's Catholic Church, Bendigo. There are two daughters, Carly Jane, born 30 May 1986 and Courtney Elsie, born 28 February 1988.



Lance married Jocelyn Maree Gleeson on 20 October 1990 at the Roman Catholic Church, Gordon, Victoria, Australia.


Third child and son of Aubrey Cyril Timothy and Elizabeth Myrtle Guy, born on 24 December 1927 at Wahroonga, NSW, Australia. They have three children, Michael Walter, born 8 March 1961,Trudie Lucy, born 1962 and Mark Andrew, 14 December 1965. According to Laurel "Lyn stands 6 feet tall, and a fine looking man, even if he is my brother. He has retired from the Police Force where he was in charge of our local Police Station.



Laurel Edith Timothy, the fourth child of Aubrey Cyril Timothy and Elizabeth Myrtle Guy was born at Ballarat Base Hospital on the 19th July 1930. She married Edward Henry Merritt, the first child of Wilfred Edward (Jack) Merritt who was born on the 27th of December 1928 at Subiaco, Western Australia. They married on the Saturday evening of the 11th June 1949, at 12 Steinfield Street, Ballarat, WA He served in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Telegrapher, a traindriver with the Victoria Railways and as a welder and painter.

There are six children. Michael Guy, Diana Wendy, Peter Edward, Alison Joy, Susan Isabel & Nina Elizabeth

MICHAEL GUY MERRITT, born 10 December 1950 at Ballarat, married Mary Ruth Josephine Whelan, born May 26 1953 at Ballarat, at the Church of the Little Flower, Wendouree, Australia on 12 June 1972 and there are four children, Anthony Guy, born 11 August 1975, Melanie Louise, born 16 February 1977, James David, born 3 July 1980 and Paul Michael, born 25August 1982. Melanie Louise has married Craig Jones and there is one daughter, Tayla Mary-Lyn Jones.

DIANNA WENDY MERRITT, born 25 November 1952 at Ballarat married Ross Raymond Power on 1 August 1971 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Ballarat and there were three children, Regina Ann, born 6 March 1972, Cynthia Jean, born 27 September 1973 and Desiree Elissa, born 6 January 1977.

Dianna died on 12 January 1991.

Regina Ann married Glen Marshman and there is a daughter, Jessica Louise, born 24 May 1996. Peter Edward Merritt, born 25 September 1954 at Basllarat married Raelene Lorna Todd on 29 August 1976 and there are two children, Adam Clint, born 26 January 1977 and Jaqueline Elizabeth, born 16 June 1979.

ALISON JOY MERRITT, born 8 May 1960 married John Shreck, born 5 April 1946 in Briceland, Minnesota, USA on 16 July 1986 in Arkansas, USA.

SUSAN ISOBEL MERRITT, born 13 March 1962 at Ballarat married Rodney Price and there are two children, Samantha April Merritt, born 17 January 1991and Nathaniel Christian Merritt-Price, 9 July 1996.

NINA ELIZABETH MERRITT, born 26 February 1970 has two children, Luke Hamish Merritt, born 17 July 1989 Zachary James Merritt, 20 September 1994.

NINA TIMOTHY (Abt 1891 - ??)

Nina, the third child and only daughter of Eustace Bertram Timothy and Agnes Jelley, she emigrated to Australia with her mother, two brothers and stepfather in the 1890's after her fathers death in 1892. She died unmarried aged about 40. Nothing further known, other than she was not recorded in the 1991 Census at Wivenhoe

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