This is a short history, with many gaps, of the one of the Martin Families from the mid 16th Century to the present day. The research originally started when I was in my teens and was looking for some photographs and medals of my uncle Guy, who I was named after, and at the bottom of the box was an old notebook covered in brown paper. Looking through it I realised that it was a short history of the family, but as it said it was for Max or Vivian's use and to be destroyed if they did not want it I decided to keep quiet that I had looked at it.

Some 40 years later when Jacqueline and Bill Martin contacted my parents, (this was the first time that I had heard of them), and when they kindly gave me a copy of the whole family tree which they were compiling did I decided to try to find this notebook. It was finally unearthed in the back of a cupboard and had survived several house moves by my parents, after finally coming to rest in our house when my mother and father moved in with us some 25 years ago.

If I had only started the work some 40 years ago, so much more could have been found both for the Martins and on my Mother's side, the Timothy's. This history or at least the early and mid part is based on these old records compiled by my grandfather, William Martin, the eldest son of John Blackwell Martin and Elizabeth Goodwin.

Much information has also been supplied by Alfred William Martin, his daughter Jacqueline and Deryk Herbert Martin for which I am most grateful.

Please also look at the Mysteries listed under the Timothy Introduction

William's motto taken from his notebook is:

LEX TALONIS - which translated is, I believe, The Law of Retribution or more colloquially - an eye for an eye. Possibly as he was a Prison Warder for his working life it is quite appropriate! and also

NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT - No one provokes (harms) me with impunity

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1 Introduction
2 James Martin & his possible ancestors
3 William (1) Martin
4 John Blackwell (1) Martin
5 William (2) Martin
6 Reginald Vivian Martin
7 Vivian Bryan Guy Martin
8 Guy David Martin
9 Maxamillian Victor Martin
10 Guy Stanilaus Martin MM
11 Naomi Martin and her decendants
12 Emma Martin and her decendants
13 Frederick Martin and his decendants
14 John Blackwell (2) Martin and decendants
15 Alfred Henry Martin and his decendants
16 Charlotte Martin
17 Amos Herbert Martin
18 Laura Anne Martin and her decendants
19 Frederick Horace Martin and decendants
20 Conclusion
21 Martin Index
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