John, the youngest son of William Timothy and Elizabeth Brett was born on the 12 November 1805, the year of Trafalgar, in London. He had one son from this marriage, John Thomas, his second marriage was to Mary Ann Cassanet, no children traced of this marriage but a further son, Arthur James from the third marriage to Elizabeth Macey.

See notes under William Timothy for further children and Laurel Merritt's notes on their marriages, it is possible that the John above died in childhood and the second child to be named John married only one of the women above, Mary Ann Cassanett.

The record will be left as above until it is proved or disproved.

From TBL booklet below:

1835 Coal & Potato Dealer 22 Marylebone Lane, Oxford St
1842 - 1847 Coal & Potato Dealer 22 Marylebone Lane, Oxford St
1848 - 1851 Coal & Corn 22 Thayter St, Manchester Sq
1854 Silk Manufacturer 32 Monkwell St, Cripplegate
1859 - 1860 Coal & Corn 22 Thayter St, Manchester Sq
1885 Poor Rate Collector 43 Marylebone Road
1892 Rate Collector 32 Abbey Gardens
Elizabeth Macey Coal & Corn 22 Thayter St, Manchester Sq

From TBL booklet below

"John Timothy the youngest son of William and Mary appears to have been an enigma and one cannot know the character of a man who was born over one hundred and ninety years ago. Maybe he was a ladies man, perhaps he was a carefree man, at any means his domestic life was the most difficult to disentangle. At the age of 21 in 1825 at St. Georges Hanover he married Elizabeth Brett.

In the year 1835 he had a business of 'Coal and Potato dealer' his home was 22 Marylebone Lane.

On the 29th October 1837 he married Mary Ann Cassanet at St. Marks, Kennington, this marriage lasted nine years and we find John at 23 Thayter Street, Manchester Square. In September 1846 he married Elizabeth Macey at East London, they together ran a business of 'Coal and Corn Merchants', registered under both their names in the London directories, between the years 1848 and 1854.

In 1834 John Thomas was born to John and Elizabeth Brett and in 1848 Arthur James was born to John and Elizabeth Macey. In the year 1854 John Timothy now aged 50 years old was registered as a Silk manufacturer at 32 Monkwell Street, Cripplegate.

Lastly we find his name in the London directories of 1892 at the age of 88, registered as a Rate Collector of 32 Abbey Gardens, London N.W."

See earlier notes from Laurel Merritt.

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