According to the TBL booklet there were the following children, who I have not (yet) been able to trace with any certainty, the though the booklet has now been shown to contain many inaccuracies but some of the "missing" children may not all have been lost! First names change with time and someone known all their life with a particular name may have not been christened with it, yet by common usage that is what they are known as.

Anne - no record of her has been found and I doubt that she was one of the children as she has never appeared on any census.

Maude Eveline - was she the missing "Ann"  yes it was - she died in 1911 in Norfolk and was a Nurse.

Twins Peter and Vincent Edward (who died in 1898 according to TBL)

What happened to them?

It is not for me to pass judgement nor can I with certainty trace the reason for the split up between Peter Vincent and Elizabeth, (there is a possibility that there was another child born in the 1850's but mother not yet traced, (see above WINIFRED) nor what was the real reason for his many moves around the country establishing practices, though it seems clear that he was very dedicated to treating the poor, but I have tried to present the facts as they can be found in the public domain, though it is fair to say that the searching has been both time consuming and expensive, and all credit must be given to the record agents that I have employed, especially to Mr S C Hunter, who has provided many of the certificates when I have only had vague dates to give him.

It is a disappointment to me and to him that we have not been able to trace any inquest records to confirm the tale of the daughter who was said to have killed herself and the other family tale that, at this stage at least, I will not put into print but who knows what time and patience will reveal!

ANNE TIMOTHY (poss. 1885 - Abt 1914/16).

Detail below from the TBL booklet.

Anne said to be the child of Peter Vincent Timothy and Annie Webb  - I now think this name was an error and that possibly it was Maud Eveline.

""...........for it appears that the three girls were not from either of the marriages. The eldest Anne (Maud Eveline) born about 1886 (1887) was ten years old, very tall and quiet"". During the First World War   Anne  (Maud Eveline) (died 1911) worked in the Hospital at Great Yarmouth??, possibly a Military one and was a qualified sister, ""she became extremely tired, as all her wards were full, despite a terrible cold she insisted on working.

One late evening on the ward she turned the gas lights down low and seemed to drift through the ward which was turning round and round until she finally fell to the floor, was rushed into the staff ward where she was left to rest but unfortunately she had a very high temperature and had to remain in bed for the next three days, on the fourth her health had deteriorated so much that she eventually died of pneumonia. (Influenza).

This was the first her father knew, his and the families grief was unbelievable""


MAY TIMOTHY (1893 - 1947) & W. E. GREENWOOD

"". for it appears that the three girls were not from either of the marriages......."" According to TBL booklet May was born in 1888 and later was said to be a handsome gypsy beauty with dark curls and a hidden passion. She married W. E. Greenwood, a farmer, there were four children, Pauline, David, Jill and William (Billy). I have some details of her life history.

Another possible child of Peter Vincent Timothy but not recorded in TBL booklet is as below

Winifred Timothy POSSIBLE daughter of Peter Vincent Timothy but mother unknown as yet (6/1/1998) married Thomas Walter Day on 13 May 1875 at Ipswich Registery Office, she gave her age as 19 and her address as Anglesey Road, Ipswich. Her father, on marriage certificate is recorded as Vincent Timothy - Surgeon - deceased, a search of the Medical Registers for a "Vincent Timothy - Surgeon or Doctor or Physician" only give one Timothy in the period , (1850 - 1880) Peter Vincent Timothy

Latest from Mike Murphy 1881 at December 1998 is that Census at Dover, St Mary's district - Winifred Day aged 22 tailors wife, born London, Middlesex. Two daughters, Edith A, aged 5 & Lilian A, aged 1, both born in London, Middlesex, no record of Walter Day but Winifed was not recorded as Widow so Walter could have been elsewhere on census night.It would appear thatWinifred was born in London, Middlesex about 1859 which apears to be about two years later than was thought from her marriage certificate.

Any information on any of the above would be very welcome


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