I have started off listing a number of Mysteries that have become apparent during my searches into the details of my ancestors in the hope that someone will find the answers for me, despite much time and expense I have not been able to find the answers!

These are some of the questions that remain unsolved and become apparent in the later text.

What really happened to James Martin?

What became of William Martin's first wife Eliza Ann Dickins. I now know she died in 1887 in Whitechapel, London.

Was Dr Peter Vincent Timothy the father of Winifred Timothy?

Was he the father of Anne, May and other of the children?

Did he "sail" round the world in the Bellopheron? Does seem that he did not !

Why & where was he "travelling", according to records during the period 1896 -1900?

What became of his first wife Elizabeth in the period 1881 to her death in Bury, Lancs. in 1904?

What became of Nina Georgina Colman? She died in Winwick Hospital in 1963.

Answers to the any of the above or indeed anything about the Martins, Timothy's or other names mentioned would be very welcome.


I started to research the Timothy side of my mother's family, I had come to a standstill on my Martin research and on my mother's death in early 1996, I found she had left only one letter and one or two photographs. . It appeared that all other photographs and letters that she had about her ancestors had been disposed of during various house moves.

This letter, dated from 1985, from someone named Poppy and told mother of the death of Poppy's father, I could not even be sure that it had been replied to. I decided to try to trace Poppy from the Dorset address and eventually after many telephone calls just as I was about to give up I found her living in South West Scotland, a long way from the South of England. My wife and I arranged to visit her and were fascinated to hear of the Timothy history and Poppy was kind enough to let me have all her notes.

My mother never spoke of the early family history, nor did my grandmother Beatrice Eveline Timothy, when she was living with my parents at Wilmslow, other than to say there had been a Doctor in the family, but I thought that he had been on mother's father's side. I only wish that I had started my interest in family history matters whilst my grandmother and her sisters were alive, let it be a lesson to anyone who reads this - start now, record everything you can, acquire any photographs or copies and speak to all relatives before it is too late.

I hope that you find the contents of interest, please let me know any mistakes and if you can add any details, however small, do let me have them and any copies of photographs or documents that you can dig up. If I can acquire more information there may well be a second edition. There are several differences found when speaking or corresponding with relatives, this is not unsurprising given the time scale and difficulty in tracing with absolute certainty an actual record, to say noting of the cost and time and some latitude must be given and taken with dates, but where possible birth, marriage and death certificates have been used.

At this stage in must be said that some considerable detail has been taken from a booklet by TBL (Barbara Toinette Luke) and she must be given due credit. Despite advertising in the Family History magazines and writing to a possible address, without reply, I have not been able to make contact with any of her relatives, nor does anyone else appear to have come across this booklet which gives details of WILSON, BRYANT, BROOKE and other families as well as TIMOTHY history. The very latest is that in November 2011 my wife and I were able  to meet up at last with (TBL) - Toinette Barbara Luke and her son Jim, a wonderful day spent on family history research and, in time, additions to this web site.

My copy of this booklet is only part complete and despite the above adverts I cannot trace another full copy. (But see above) There are some changes, especially as regard to Peter Vincent's children, but where included, her text has been transcribed as written and is shown in double inverted commas, as it does give a useful background and the storyline gives a picture of the life and times and adds considerable interest overall.  Barbara & Jim are working on an updated version of the booklet, now a book !

Her booklet starts with a general history of London and sets the scene for the start of the life of William Timothy, this has not been copied. Part of her preface goes on to record ""Peter Vincent Timothy I think was a most interesting man, not very tall with red hair and a beard. He married twice, his first family was large, his second marriage to Anne Webb, he being over twice her age was quite incredible, for my mother told me that of all his seven boys and girls only herself was his own child and that when the others reached maturity they were each told of their parentage.

I have endeavoured to discover the answer and have only come up with one result and that is as he worked with the poor he took into his home little foundlings. He educated them and cared for them as his own. We are now probing into the past but have very little to work on. From hearsay we believe that the "Timothy" family came to England after the siege of Paris and bought up businesses including the Cheshire Cheese public house in Fleet Street. They also set up a bank and were wealthy"".

I will now prove, as the records unfold, that all of Peter Vincent Timothy's children from his marriage to Elizabeth Hutchings were legitimate, that there was at least one child by a Mary Cooke, a housekeeper and several by Annie Webb prior to his marriage to her, which did not occur until after the death of Elizabeth, though, in fact, it seems certain that he and Elizabeth had been separated for many years. There may well be at least one other daughter whose certain mother has not been traced but whose father is recorded on her marriage certificate as Vincent Timothy - Surgeon - (P V Timothy appears to be the only Surgeon recorded at the time in question. See under Late News

My very grateful thanks for all those of you who have looked at these pages and have responded with information and further details, I can now claim more relatives than I ever knew about, especially pleasing is to hear from those in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.


  The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr

Timothy letters indicate that they traced their ancestry to Cadwaladr, an early Prince of the Welsh

1 Introduction
2 William Timothy
3 David Timothy
4 Evan Timothy
5 John Timothy
6 Peter Vincent Timothy & Elizabeth Hutchings
7 Kathleen Ellen and Claude Vincent Timothy
8 Eustace Bertram Timothy
9 Edith Lizette Timothy
10 Beatrice Eveline Timothy
11 Alice Blanche, Victor Leopold, Gustave Vincent and Mabel Constance Timothy
12 Cordelia Irene Jet Timothy
13 Peter Vincent Timothy & Mary Cook(e) - child
14 Peter Vincent Timothy & Annie Webb - children
15 "Missing" Children
16 Timothy Index
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